Green light given for new community hub in Great Linford

    Planning permission has been given for an impressive new community building in Great Linford Parish, with work due to start at the end of September.

    The Marsh Drive Pavilion redevelopment project will turn a little-used grassy space into a centre that will benefit the whole North MK area.

    David Stabler, lead councillor for planning and communications says, “Building a multi-use community hub and social area will boost the use of the site for the many football, cricket and tennis players by encouraging them to socialise after games have finished, or hold fundraising and promotional events to celebrate their achievements.”

    He continues, “It will also provide a much-needed opportunity to bring together our scattered parish communities of young and older residents, and encourage their participation in leisure and social activities as well as sports, helping physical, mental and social wellbeing, in partnership with volunteer groups and businesses.”

    “Marsh Drive playing fields and pavilion is currently the only sports and recreation area in the parish owned by Great Linford Parish Council (GLPC). It has no meeting hall, only pitches, tennis courts, changing rooms and a small kitchen,” David said.

    “The existing changing rooms were built by the Development Corporation in the 1970s, and are not to the current Football Association standards.
    Although the sporting facilities are well used, the ability of clubs to develop further, particularly in terms of promoting opportunities for female and young players, is hampered by the lack of appropriate changing and ancillary facilities,” he added.

    The majority of cash for the new build - almost £344k - is coming from Section 106 funding and GLPC will provide an additional £100,000 of reserve funds for the project.

    This first phase of the redevelopment is expected to take 10 weeks to complete and will be overseen by contractors Paragon Space Ltd.

    In 2021, the existing pavilion will also be much improved, with better insulation, heating and ventilation. The changing rooms will be upgraded, and a meeting facility for users of the sports pitches and tennis courts will be a new feature.

    “GLPC covers 13 grid squares with no central location or facilities for all parishioners,” David added, “This development is going to change that. It is incredibly good news and will impact so many people in a positive way.”

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