Great Get Together to honour Jo Cox organised for Willen Lake

    The Great Get Together is inspired by Jo Cox, who was killed on 16 June 2016.

    Milton Keynes Labour believe there is a groundswell of people who reject divisive politics and simply want to bring our communities together and celebrate all that unites us. This Saturday 23rd of June will see an event take place at Willen Lake from 1pm.

    Milton Keynes Labour Party Chair Orr says, “I hope to see many people from across our communities coming together on Saturday. There is no charge, just bring along your own picnic. While we as the local Labour Party are hosting the event, it is completely outside of party politics and I want to emphasise that everyone is welcome.”

    Labour Parliamentary Candidates for Milton Keynes North and South echoed John’s sentiments. Charlynne Pullen who has helped organise Saturday’s event noted, “It is important to come together to honour Jo’s legacy. As Jo said in her maiden speech, we have far more in common than that which divides us”. Hannah O’Neill added, “Bringing people together makes communities stronger and happier. We take inspiration from Jo’s life to reject division and hate. I hope to see colleagues from other parties as well as those who don’t have any political affiliation.”

    The event will take place on the Top Triangle Lawn (Willen Lake South) from 1pm onwards. All welcome. The initiative follows on from a similar event held last year which was attended by over 100 people from across Milton Keynes.

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