Grazing sheep set to begin their 'important conservation grazing' at Campbell Park in Milton Keynes

    The Parks Trust's grazing sheep are set to be moved to the centre of Milton Keynes to do some"important conservation grazing".

    These sheep, which are moved from park to park, and are often seen grazing in the fields.

    Next week, the sheep are set to be moved to Campbell Park to help The Parks Trust maintain the grass and wildlife habitats.

    The Parks Trust say they have used this farming technique for decades, not only being an environmentally friendly way to maintain our parkland, but also saving them time and resources which can be better utilised elsewhere, they say: "Milton Keynes is unique in many ways, but having livestock in the parks is one of the town’s most unusual and treasured features."

    People are being urged to keep their dogs on a lead whilst they visit the parks where sheep are present.

    Sheep can be easily startled and the stress of worrying, caused by dogs, can cause the sheep to die or pregnant ewes to miscarry their lambs. 

    Posting on their website, The Parks Trust explains: "In terms of dogs and sheep interacting, both are animals and have animal instincts that can suddenly kick in. Sheep can accidently damage themselves when trying to flee, and every year a few sheep are injured or killed by dogs who are usually well tempered. Please ensure dogs are kept on a lead to avoid tragic incidents like this from occurring."

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