Government confirms commitment to Ukrainian's seeking sanctuary in Milton Keynes with £640k

    Milton Keynes is set to receive £640,223 from the Government as part of the Homelessness Prevention Grant: Homes for Ukraine Scheme Support to ensure Ukrainian guests can be supported to move into their own homes and reduce the risk of homelessness.

    The Government has shared the allocation of funding of the £150 million UK-wide funding, which is part of the wider £650 million support package for Ukrainians who have sought sanctuary in the United Kingdom.

    This funding has been allocated to all local authorities in England reflecting on both Homes for Ukraine arrival numbers reported for each local authority and wider homelessness pressures. Also, as a top-up to the existing Homelessness Prevention Grant, this grant is ringfenced to ensure local authorities are resourced to prevent homelessness.

    The Government is expecting the funding will be prioritised for supporting Ukrainian guests into sustainable accommodation, for example through access to the private rental sector, supporting employment access, and facilitating ongoing sponsorship into guests’ second year.

    Iain Stewart MP commented:

    “The people of Milton Keynes have been extremely welcoming and generous to the Ukrainians who have sought sanctuary in our city.

    “I welcome this allocation of funding from the Government because it will allow those Ukrainians to be supported into their own homes and get access to employment.”

    Commenting, Ben Everitt MP said:

    “The people of Milton Keynes have opened their arms to Ukrainians in their hour of need.

    “This additional funding is for supporting our Ukrainian guests into sustainable accommodation and helping them get employment.”

    The details of allocations to devolved administrations and local authorities have been published here: Homelessness Prevention Grant: Homes for Ukraine scheme support - GOV.UK (

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