Staff at Milton Keynes primary school which closed last week test negative for coronavirus

    Staff at a primary school in Milton Keynes which closed last week as a 'precaution' have all tested negative for coronavirus.

    MKFM reported on Monday that The Premier Academy in Bletchley closed on Friday last week as a precaution after a pupil had a high temperature and vomited.

    All the teachers who were tested following the incident have now tested negative for coronavirus.

    The school has also re-opened to students this morning.

    Warren Harrison, CEO at The Premier Academy, told MKFM today: "As of this morning, 100% of the staff tested negative. The process was extremely efficient and only one person needed to be retested as their test was compromised. They too have now been given the all clear."

    Mr Harrison added that the school is unable to share the student’s test result.

    Speaking on Monday, Mr Harrison said: "We closed on Friday as a precaution after a pupil had a high temperature and vomited in the vicinity of some other staff and children."

    "We subsequently found out that he had been feeling unwell the previous day and had a sibling in school who had been in contact with a separate cohort of children so, as a precaution, we decided to close entirely in order to carry out a deep clean."

    "Fortunately, we were on half-term last week so we had only a small number of children attending."

    "The staff in question have now been tested and we expect the results tomorrow."

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