'Gin cinema' to be held in Milton Keynes town this summer

    Drive-in and outdoor cinemas have been all the rage recently, and soon there will be a 'gin cinema' coming to Newport Pagnell.

    The gin cinema has been launched by Nightflix, which has been hosting drive-in cinemas near the National Bowl for over a year.

    Located in Mill Meadow, the experience allows residents to watch classic movies outdoors, including Mamma Mia, Rocketman and Grease, while sitting on deck chairs or bean bags.

    Nightflix says that the main difference between this gin cinema and their other cinemas is that the Newport Pagnell-based event will have a fully-stocked bar full of different gins.

    However, it won't be there for long as the gin cinema will run for just three days from 9th to 11th July, showing films both in the afternoon and in the evening.

    And although it seems that the easing of coronavirus restrictions will be delayed until next month, Nightflix can continue to operate due to it being outdoors, allowing up to 30 people to sit in the same group.

    A spokesperson for the company added: "Social distancing will be in place, and track & trace in operation. Keeping you safe is our number one priority."

    You can find out more here.

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