Get the care you need this Easter: advice on NHS opening times in Milton Keynes over the holiday weekend

    Many families will be looking forward to spending the Easter holiday together, but NHS staff will also enjoy the chance to take a long weekend with loved ones, meaning that some NHS services may have different opening hours during this time.

    General practices

    Your general practice is likely to be closed on some days, usually Good Friday (29 March) and Easter Monday (1 April).  These are public holidays.

    Your practice will usually provide information, either on its website or answerphone message, about its opening hours at this time of year.  To find your practice’s website or phone number, please click here.

    Remember that your local pharmacy is an excellent source of health advice from trained, professional staff, who can recommend remedies for a wide range of illnesses and injuries. You can walk in for instant help. Some pharmacies will even be open on Easter Sunday: see the list below.

    If you think you may need to speak to a doctor or nurse or, if you just want peace of mind, why not visit 111 Online and provide details of your symptoms.  They will direct you to the most appropriate place, and can even arrange for someone to call you to get more details, if necessary.

    Please don’t go to A&E unless it’s a genuine emergency which threatens life or limb.  You can help us to ensure that care goes to those who most need it this Easter.

    If you need a repeat prescription, please make sure you order it in plenty of time. You can save time and effort by downloading the NHS App and ordering your repeat prescription from the comfort of your own home.


    During the holiday period, it may be more difficult to get an appointment with your practice.  You can prepare to care for yourself or loved ones by keeping a range of simple medicines and first aid supplies at home. Check the advice on on what you might keep in a first aid kit at home (and remember always to keep it locked and out of the reach of children!)

    You may be able to get relief from your symptoms by talking to a local pharmacist, who can advise on managing lots of minor illnesses and injuries.  You can find your local pharmacy and its opening hours here.

    Remember that Sunday trading laws mean that large supermarkets will be closed on Easter Sunday (31 March), so you will need to plan ahead if you would usually use a supermarket pharmacy.  A small number of pharmacies will be open on Easter Sunday: their details are below.  (All listings are correct at the time of publication.  If you will be travelling a long way to visit, you may wish to call ahead to make sure they are open.)

    On other days over the Easter period, please visit’s Find a Pharmacy page, search for your location and filter the results by ticking the box marked ‘Show only services open now’.


    • Hilltops Pharmacy, Hilltops Medical Centre, Great Holm, MK8 9HN (9:00am – 1:00pm)
    • Jardines Pharmacy, 65 High Street, Newport Pagnell, MK16 8AQ (9:00am – 1:00pm)
    • Rainbow Pharmacy, 21 Witham Court, Bletchley, MK3 7QU (9:00am – 1:00pm)
    • Jardines Pharmacy, 3 Tower Crescent, Neath Hill, MK14 6JY (2:00 – 6:00pm)
    • Jardines Pharmacy, Brooklands Medical Centre, Montague Crescent, Brooklands, MK10 7LN (2:00 – 6:00pm)
    • Queensway Pharmacy, 143 Queensway, Bletchley, MK2 2DY (2:00 – 6:00pm)


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