Full Council supports call for more Changing Places toilets in Milton Keynes

    Cllrs Carole Baume (left) and Jane Carr (right) visiting one of the Changing Places.

    A Progressive Alliance motion about accessible Changing Places Toilets was passed unanimously at Wednesday’s meeting of the Full Council, with support from local charities and campaigners.

    Changing Place Toilets are different to disabled toilets; they often have extra space, a larger sink and/or shower and equipment such as a bench or hoist.

    Over ¼ million people in the UK need Changing Places Toilets.

    Local disability blogger/influencer Kerry Thompson and the Milton Keynes Centre for Integrated Living have campaigned on this issue, and spoke in favour of the motion on Wednesday night.

    Liberal Democrat Councillor Jane Carr, Cabinet Member for Tackling Inequalities and Child Poverty, moved the motion: “The Progressive Alliance’s goal for Milton Keynes is that it is a safe, welcoming and accessible place; we need more Changing Places Toilets for this to become a reality.”

    Because the motion was successful, the Cabinet will now look into whether Changing Places Toilets can be incorporated on Council property.

    The Council Leader, Cabinet Member for Economy, Recovery and Renewal and Chief Executive will also encourage retailers and leisure outlets to incorporate Changing Places Toilets. 

    Labour Councillor Carole Baume seconded the motion: “For some of our residents and visitors with disabilities, standard or disabled toilets simply do not meet their needs, and Changing Places are essential; they make trips out easier, less stressful and most importantly, safer.”

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