Friday's Coronavirus Update: 39 new cases and 2 hospital deaths recorded in Milton Keynes

    There were 39 cases and 2 hospital deaths recorded in Milton Keynes on Friday, according to data from Public Health England.

    This takes the total number of positive cases to 3,179 since the pandemic began.

    Two covid patients sadly died on 18th November - these deaths were announced today.

    A total number of 128 coronavirus patients have died at Milton Keynes Hospital since March. 

    Nationally, 20,252 cases were recorded today and a further 511 deaths.

    People are being admitted to Milton Keynes University Hospital for COVID-19 daily.

    It is important to follow lockdown rules and coronavirus prevention measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

    MKFM previously stopped reporting on coronavirus cases due to the lack of testing, and possible misrepresentation of cases within the community, but now that there are more tests available we have decided to provide frequent updates. 

    We provide the data given to us by Public Health England, and unfortunately this does not cover the number of people who have recovered/left hospital. 

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