Free app lets residents explore 'mega mini-beasts' in Milton Keynes parkland

    MK Council teamed up with the popular free-to-play Love Exploring app, which allows residents to explore Milton Keynes with dinosaurs, fairies, insects and more.

    Love Exploring uses ‘augmented reality’ graphics that display on smartphones as you walk around. The clever technology brings prehistoric creatures to MK’s woodlands, parks and streets, with more than 20km of specially designed trails over a dozen different locations.

    The MK version of the free app has been developed by Milton Keynes Council with assistance from The Parks Trust and parish councils.

    The game includes Dinosaur Safari, Space Walk, Butterflies and Moths, Tree Fairies and Mega Mini-Beasts, allowing residents to see a new side of MK's parks.

    The app is completely free and suitable for all ages.

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