Four men convicted for their parts in murdering a 21 year old Milton Keynes man

    Four men have been convicted at the Old Bailey for their parts in the murder of Beniamin Pieknyi from Milton Keynes, which happened in Stratford, London.

    Mr Pieknyi was targeted by five men when he was with his friend in Stratford on March 20th this year.

    He was beaten, punched and then stabbed in the chest by a long knife in a Subway store after being pursued by the attackers.

    23 year old Vladyslav Yakymchuk, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to violet disorder, murder and possession of a knife in June this year. The four others involved were convicted this week.

    Kevin Duarte, aged 19, of no fixed address and Moses Kasule, aged 20, of Cavesson House Ribbons Walk in Stratford were found guilty of manslaughter and violent disorder.

    Alexis Gabriel Da Costa Varela, aged 19 of Lillechurch Road in Dagenham, and Mario Zvavamwe, aged 19, of Crow Lane in Romford were found not guilty of manslaughter but guilty of violent disorder.

    One of the men shouted "this is our area" to Mr Pieknyi prior to the incident.

    All five of the men will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on November 7th.

    Investigating officer Detective Inspector Ian Titterrell told getWestLondon: "Beniamin and his friend were two entirely innocent people who had arranged to meet and catch up with each other. They had every right to go about socialising with each other in peace and had done nothing at all to deserve the ire of their aggressors.

    "They were attacked by a group hell bent on causing as much torment and misery as they could that evening, to anyone in particular.

    "In Beniamin and his friend they found two people who they thought would be an easy target to sate their urge for violence, being outnumbered and not eager to fight.

    "The group were led Yakymchuk, who was the lead aggressor, and were aware that he was carrying a knife. Yakymchuk it seems would not be satisfied until he was able to use it, which to the terror of the watching members of public, resulted in Beniamin’s untimely and tragic death.

    "These convictions will, I’m sure, do little to quell the pain Beniamin’s family have endured. I hope however that they will derive some small comfort from knowing that justice has been done."

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