Four arrested following spate of thefts from HGVs parked at M1 services in Milton Keynes

    Image: TVP Milton Keynes

    Police officers stopped a suspicious vehicle in Milton Keynes following several thefts from HGVs.

    A vehicle was stopped by police in Milton Keynes after an officer on a motorcycle noticed it to be 'acting suspiciously'.

    The vehicle was spotted after severla thefts from HGVs at the M1 services in Newport Pagnell.

    Police say the occupants of the vehicle threw a disc cutter before being boxed in by police while driving.

    Officers found property which they suspect was stolen from the lorries in the boot of the vehicle. Gloves and balaclavas were also spotted.

    The Audi was also being driven on a fake number plate.

    Police say four males were arrested on suspicion of theft and going equipped to steal.

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