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    Foster carers desperately needed in Milton Keynes

    MKFM spoke to Sharon Godfrey from Milton Keynes Council about the desperate need for foster carers in the city.

    Data released from Ofsted earlier this year, suggests that the number of foster carers in England has only increased by 4% since 2014. However, the number of children in foster care has gone up by around 11%.

    On Sunday (19/6), MKFM spoke to Sharon Godfrey, Head of Corporate Parenting Service at MK Council and Naomi, a local foster carer all about fostering in Milton Keynes.

    In an in-depth conversation with the Head of Corporate Parenting Service at Milton Keynes Council, MKFM heard that there are currently 77 'mainstream carers' within the city, but there is a desperate need for more. 

    Sharon, who manages the fostering service, said: "We desperately need more foster carers to come forward to foster local children. We are really looking for children to stay within their own communities." Currently, if a suitable provision is not available locally, children may have to be placed in an external placement. These placements could be outside of the Milton Keynes area, taking them away from their schools, friends and local communities.

    In Milton Keynes, there is 354 children who are looked after by the local authority. 

    The council has reported a recent decline in foster carers in the city.

    "People might not think they can foster because of different reasons but I think it is very important to get the message out there that anybody can foster, you just need to come and talk to us," Sharon told MKFM.

    Who can be a foster parent? How long can I foster for? I don’t own my house? Do I get paid as a foster? What is the process?

    Listen below to find out everything about fostering, how you can get involved in Milton Keynes and hear all about Naomi's experience as a foster carer and how she has been able to help around 45 local children.

    Milton Keynes Council offers financial benefits and support to local foster carers. You can find out more about fostering with Milton Keynes Council and how to apply here.

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