Food Bank launches Pledge Fundraiser following 40% increase in demand for services in Milton Keynes

    The MK Food Bank has launched a pledge fundraiser following an increase in demand from residents.

    2022 saw a 40% increase in demand for services from Milton Keynes Food Bank – which worked out as more than 50 new households contacting us every week, and 2023 is showing no signs of letting up.

    Unfortunately, the rising cost of food has also led to a drop in donations of food, which were down last year by nearly a third.

    Now, MK Food Bank is launching a 'Pledge' Fundraiser this year to support members of the community who are in food insecurity. 

    The charity is asking residents to commit to Drop Food, Drop Money, or Drop Time to ensure no one goes hungry in Milton Keynes.

    To get involved, email MK Food Bank here for a Pledge card, tag your story/event or fundraiser and the charity will share your photo and logo on its socials and website.

    There are then so many ways to get involved. 

    You can find out more about the Pledge Fundraiser here.


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