Food and garden waste collection in Milton Keynes suspended from today

    Food and garden waste collections, also known as green bin collections, have been suspended from today (26/7) until further notice.

    Milton Keynes Council has made the decision to pause the collections in order to prioritise the collection of black and clear sacks.

    This comes as the Council announced that 28% of the waste team is now isolating after being pinged by the app.

    Milton Keynes Council said: "We appreciate this is an inconvenience to residents. We’re doing everything that we can, with the support of our partner Serco, to maintain essential services as far as possible in these extreme circumstances and we thank you for continuing to support our crews.

    "We hope to have the food and garden waste services restarted quickly and we will provide regular updates, giving as much notice as possible when the service restarts."

    In the meantime, Milton Keynes Council is asking all residents to dispose of food waste into black bags and keep any green waste in their garden.

    Black bag waste and clear recycling sacks will continue to be collected on regular collection days.

    The Council has asked that residents help to spread the word to those who don't use social media or may have missed this announcement.

    Note: Those who had their collections missed last week will have their green bins collected either today (26/7) or tomorrow (27/7) to catch up.

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