Five killed in helicopter crash in Snowdonia

    Five people have been killed in a helicopter crash in North Wales, with the helicopter originally believed to have been travelling from Milton Keynes.

    A massive air and land search was launched on Wednesday after the aircraft vanished en route to Dublin.

    It has since been revealed that the helicopter was travelling from Luton.

    Supt Gareth Evans of North Wales Police said on Thursday the crash site had been located and the bodies of all five people on board had been found.

    A mountain rescue team found the wreckage in the Rhinog mountains between Trawsfynydd and Harlech.

    The privately-owned helicopter vanished from radar contact while over Caernarfon Bay.

    Police said they were not aware of any plan for the helicopter to stop in Caernarfon as part of its route.

    Formal identification of the bodies has not yet taken place and the coroner for north west Wales, Dewi Pritchard-Jones, has opened an investigation.

    Police have not revealed the exact location of the crash as the bodies have not been recovered from the "remote and hazardous" terrain.

    Family of those killed have been informed and an investigation into the crash is being led by the Air Accident Investigation Branch.

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