Firefighters advise residents not to swim in open water "whatever the weather"

    Bucks Fire has advised residents not to swim in lakes or other open water "whatever the weather" due to various hidden dangers.

    "Please don't be tempted to take a dip in rivers, lakes or canals, whatever the weather," a statement on Bucks Fire's website says. "Even good swimmers can be caught out by hidden dangers such as fast currents, deep holes, soft mud, weeds or rubbish. Any stretch of water, still or flowing, has the capability to kill."

    What NOT to do:

    • Never swim, even where allowed, after drinking alcohol

    What TO do: 

    • The safest place to swim is in a supervised swimming pool. The water is clean, clear and warm, and there are lifeguards on hand if something goes wrong
    • Be aware of the risk of cold-water shock, a physical response by your body when entering cold water, which can affect your breathing, reduce your muscle ability and can even lead to a heart attack
    • Warn your children of the risks, and know where they are when they are out playing
    • If you see a swimmer is in difficulty or there is a risk of drowning, call 999
    • At home, keep small children away from ponds and pools and make sure they are supervised in the bath

    If you are to swim in open water, it is recommended that you find a proper location where you are permitted to swim.

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