Finding a solution to loneliness

    Our increasingly ageing population throws up many challenges and a local business in Milton Keynes is hoping to address a complex issue with a very simple solution.

    Research shows that two million people over the age of 75 live alone and loneliness can have a serious detrimental effect on mental and physical health.

    Mirror Care’s CEO Alan Mallyon, invited Mark Lancaster MP to visit the offices in Newport Pagnell to see the development of their latest technology for himself.

    Mirror Care offer a 24/7 operator service for vulnerable and elderly adults by allowing them to stay in their own home, maintain their independence and to live the way in which they choose. By means of a mirror/TV screen, operators can talk directly to the client, ensuring that they are in good health, anticipate any problems and essentially offer regular communication to combat loneliness. Mirror Call operators can, for an example, simply provide a prompt for medication, remind clients of appointments, all of which can have a significant impact on the individuals well-being if missed.  

    The aim is to ultimately save on care costs and to be able to identify and react swiftly to any potential problems and being readily accessible for their clients.
    After the visit, Mark commented “The government recognised the importance of loneliness and in January of this year a Minister for Loneliness was appointed, a project first started by the late MP Jo Cox.  

    I was very impressed with Mirror Care’s model and their commitment to offer a new concept for our elderly communities. Finding a solution to assist in the well-being of a loved one has to be a positive.”

    For more information please visit their website. 

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