Feel the love at Land of Lights festival in Milton Keynes with less than a month to go

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, those in the mood for romance can look forward to celebrating the big day at the spectacular Land of Lights festival in Milton Keynes.

    There’s less than a month to go before the popular festival comes to an end on the 25 February, after four months of enchanting tens of thousands of guests with its one-mile-long wonderland of illuminations.

    And, there is a host of special dates in the calendar to coincide with the final weeks of the festival, including Valentine’s Day – featuring an illuminated arch of roses - and the half-term holiday.

    Guests can explore the enchanting installations, which include more than 7,000 individual lanterns and hundreds of thousands LED lights. The experience features an eclectic mix of music and entertainment, and festive food, street-eats and seasonal drinks are available for purchase.

    For those wanting to extend the magic, illuminating family-friendly short breaks are available staying within the Land of Lights trail. The immersive sleepovers include a range of unique accommodation options.

    This year’s Land of Lights theme is classic children’s literature, with installations including the Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan and Cinderella.

    Darren Hoy, Land of Lights Festival Manager, said: “We’ve been blown away by the success of the Land of Lights Festival, with thousands of people flocking to the park to enjoy the experience and explore the magical illuminations.

    “However, it’s not over yet! The event is still with us until the 25 February and what better, more romantic way to enjoy Valentine’s Day this month than wandering through stunning light and lantern displays with that special someone?”

    More than 100 people were involved in the hand-crafted production process for Land of Lights. It was undertaken by the American-owned Zigong Lantern Group, an award winning, custom designer and manufacturer of handcrafted lamp art that has grown to become one of the largest exporters of lantern art.

    Ticket prices start at £15.50 and to book and/or find out more about Land of Lights, visit the website.

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