Runners still have time to enter the Milton Keynes Marathon

    Runners still have time to enter the Milton Keynes Marathon which will be taking place in May 2021.

    The Rightmove Milton Keynes Marathon will launch on 3rd May, Bank Holiday Monday, as a contact-free and COVID-secure marathon.

    A spokesperson said: "We know how important races are to every runner and we are doing everything possible to make sure our event will be safe.

    "The benefits of committing to a goal, running with others and that finish line feeling will be all the greater after the challenges we’ve experienced in 2020.

    And this year will be a landmark for the Milton Keynes Marathon. 2021 will be its 10th anniversary, with 2,000 runners expected to take part. 

    The COVID-safe plans have already been endorsed by the StadiumMK, Milton Keynes Council and Public Health England, so with restrictions expected to be lifted by May the event can take place. 

    Whilst the nation is in lockdown, and many are working from home, it gives runners a chance to get practicing and warm up for the event. 

    If you wish to take part, click here to sign up.

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