Fake MK Council Twitter account suspended after tweeting fake school closures

    A spoof Twitter account which was posing as Milton Keynes Council and announcing fake school closures on the site has been suspended by the social media company.

    The account, which was under the handle @MKeynesCouncil, tweeted on Wednesday to say that "a vast majority of secondary schools such as Oakgrove, Walton High, St Paul's, Sir Herbert Leon Academy and Milton Keynes Academy have decided to close".

    However, all of the schools mentioned in the tweet were in fact open all day on Wednesday and operating as normal.

    Residents have now been reminded to only check official sources of local information for verified school closures, such as MK Council's official channels and established local media brands such as MKFM.

    During routine monitoring, MKFM has also noticed a number of posts on local social media groups which have since turned out to contain incorrect information about the snow in our city.

    Milton Keynes Council said in a post on their Facebook page that they were aware of the fake Twitter account, with their only official Twitter profile being @mkcouncil.

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