EXCLUSIVE: Woman left shocked after STRANGERS walk into her Milton Keynes hotel room using a key

    A Travelodge customer in Milton Keynes has been left shocked after total strangers walked into her hotel room using a key card which was provided to them accidentally by hotel staff.

    The woman involved, who has asked not be named, was staying at the Travelodge hotel at The Hub in Milton Keynes last Friday night (29th June).

    At around 10.30pm, a couple who they did not know walked into her Hotel room using a key card which had been provided by hotel staff.

    She told MKFM: "I think they were as surprised as we are [when they came into our room]! I presume that they thought it was their room although all they said was “there seems to have been a mishap” and then left."

    "About ten minutes later a member of reception came and said that they would offer us a free breakfast. This is appreciated however it’s still slightly concerning that someone else is able to access your room!"

    The incident has been described as "isolated" by the hotel chain, who have said that "human error" caused the strangers to be given a key card to the room.

    A Traveldoge spokesperson said: "We take the safety and security of our customers extremely seriously, and we are sincerely sorry that on this isolated occasion there was an oversight due to human error."

    "The hotel reception team have undergone re-training and if the guest contacts us we will of course, refund the booking in full." 

    Hotel review site TripAdvisor currently gives the hotel a traveller rating of 3.5 out of 5.

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