Energy bills increase set to have 'devastating' effect on Milton Keynes businesses, councillors warn

    An analysis from the Liberal Democrats has revealed that energy bills for pubs, restaurants, and cafés in Milton Keynes are set to increase by over £4,000 per year once Government support is slashed in April.

    The analysis shows that from April, the average business is likely to be forking out an extra £4,297 per year.

    According to official figures a total of 225 hospitality businesses across the city are facing a rise in energy bills by thousands of pounds.

    The total energy bill increase for all 225 pubs, restaurants, and cafés in Milton Keynes is nearly a whopping £1 million pounds. At £966,840 this cost is colossal and will be felt deeply by the hospitality sector in Milton Keynes, local councillors say.

    Liberal Democrat Leader on Milton Keynes City Council, Councillor Robin Bradburn said: “The hospitality industry has endured so much this year. The City Council has been doing all that it can to help our businesses and high streets, but we can’t do it all.

    “The Conservative government needs to give local businesses in Milton Keynes the support it needs to endure this energy bill catastrophe.”

    Liberal Democrat Councillor Jane Carr, who represents Newport Pagnell South added: “Newport Pagnell is a great place to live and work and is home to many successful businesses. For many residents their local pub, restaurant or café remains at the heart of their community and would be devastated to see them close.

    “The Government needs to step in and if they don’t, we could see our much-loved hospitality businesses going bust.”

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