Dozens of jobs created in Milton Keynes through council house scheme

    The Council's Cripps Lodge scheme will see 66 council homes be built in Netherfield.

    Planning permission for the Cripps Lodge scheme was granted last year and Milton Keynes Council has since been employing local businesses to bring the plans forward.

    Businesses from across Milton Keynes have been undertaking ground investigations on site.

    Local architects, engineers, fire consultants and geo technical specialists have also been involved with the council house project.

    The development will see a mix of two and three-bedroom bungalows, three, four and five-bedroom houses and one and two-bedroom apartments.

    Councillor Emily Darlington, Labour Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “It’s great that we’re making progress on the Cripps Lodge scheme and creating dozens of local jobs in the process. This scheme is set to be an innovative, attractive, low-carbon development that provides forever homes to families in need. I look forward to exploring how even more local businesses can take this scheme further when construction begins next year.”

    Woughton & Fishermead Labour Ward Councillors, Sue Smith, Amber McQuillan and Donna Fuller, added: “The Cripps Lodge site has always been at the heart of the community, as it was previously used as a hub for domiciliary care. We’re thrilled that the site will soon become homes for local residents, and we look forward to seeing the scheme create even more local jobs as it progresses."

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