Dog rescued from River Ouzel in Walton Hall near Milton Keynes after becoming stuck

    Image: Google Street View

    A dog has been rescued by firefighters after becoming stuck in the River Ouzel off Walton Drive in Walton Hall in Milton Keynes.

    Attendance from the Water Rescue Unit from Newport Pagnell, one appliance and fire crew from Newport Pagnell, one fire crew from Bletchley and a Police officer were required.

    The dog was rescued uninjured from the scene and returned to its owners.

    It happened at around 12.40pm this afternoon.

    One local Fire Service in the UK issues the following safety advice for dog walkers who may be affected by a similar issue:

    • Don't lean into water and try and lift your dog out - you can topple in.

    • Never enter the water to try and save a dog - the dog usually manages to scramble out.

    • If your dog loves the water keep it on a lead to prevent it jumping into hazardous or unsafe areas.

    • Remember wet riverbanks, steep edges or jagged rocks can make it hard for a dog to scramble out and they are a slip risk for owners.

    • Even dogs that like swimming can usually only swim for short bursts - keep and eye of your dog and don't let it enter the water if it's older or tired.

    • If your dog has struggled in the water it may have inhaled water and should see a vet. Dogs can drown after the event if water has entered the lungs.

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