Did you see a mysterious flash in the sky across Milton Keynes last night?

    Residents spotted a flashing light in the sky across Milton Keynes last night, leaving many confused.

    Dozens of people have taken to social media to report seeing 'flashes' in the sky across Milton Keynes yesterday at around 5:30pm.

    Following the flash, many residents also reported a small powercut.

    Ian Burt, from the Fairfields area of Milton Keynes sent us footage that his CCTV camera captured at around 5:36pm.

    One resident commented on the mysterious moment saying: "Wondered why it went totally dark in Kingston Tesco for a brief moment.. was very strange!" 

    "I saw 2 massive flashes out walking dog - the whole sky lit up, I did wonder what the heck they were!!" One responded.

    Another said: "I thought I saw a flash while I was driving but thought nothing of it. Then the street lights were flickering."

    There is a mystery surrounding the flash of light and power cuts, the Independent today reported that blasts of flashing radio waves came from a mysterious nearby object in space.

    Some residents have reported that a swan flew into the power line.

    MKFM has contacted Western Power Distribution to find out any information and will update this article as it comes.

    If you have any footage of the flash please send it to us at info@mkfm.com.

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