Dementia Action Week on the agenda for the Residents of Lakeview Lodge Care Home

    Last week, Lakeview Lodge Care Home in Newton Leys took great pleasure in taking part in Dementia Action Week 2018!

    The home, on Jersey Drive in Newton Leys, had lots of visitors and took part in lots of wonderful, thought provoking activities and tried their hardest to educate local people on dementia and dispel any myths & misunderstandings common amongst people who haven’t been affected by the condition.

    Dementia is set to be the 21st century's biggest killer. But awareness and understanding remains low and many families are facing it alone. Diagnosis is a difficult time for someone and it can feel that people have nowhere to go and no one to support them.  That’s why, throughout the week of 21st-25th, Lakeview Lodge encouraged all local people to come together and act.

    The week at Lakeview Lodge Care Home kicked off with walks around Little Willow Lake, feeding the ducks, and seeing the newly born little chicks. This was followed by the “Big Fat Quiz”, which involved all residents getting into teams and taking part, ensuring nobody was socially isolated.

    The following day, all the Lakeview Lodge residents living with Dementia, showed off their craft skills, designing hanging baskets from scratch. The residents took great pride and creating these and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    The next day was one for the gardening club. The club runs each week, and their current project is renovating Lakeview’s herb & vegetable garden. The residents thoroughly enjoyed doing this in the blazing sun!

    The penultimate day involved residents enjoying the exercise and dancing class together, complete with resistance bands. This was followed by an evening bingo session.

    The week finished with Lakeview Lodge’s dementia residents devoting their time to get the Care Home’s shop open for business! The residents helped man the shop, and helped take stock, take the money and weigh out sweets. 

    Home Manager Cheryl Rolt, discussing Dementia Action Week, very succinctly stated “by uniting, we can raise awareness, offer help and increase peoples understanding of dementia.”

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