COVID-19: Downing Street news conference to take place at 5pm as cases rise

    There will be a Downing Street news conference at 5pm as NHS chief says 'overwhelming evidence' UK needs to act.

    Boris Johnson has been warned there is "overwhelming evidence" Plan B restrictions such as masks and social distancing should be imposed.

    Downing Street is keeping a "close eye" on a descendant of the Delta variant that is being seen in a growing number of cases.

    As cases rise across the country, Milton Keynes recorded 207 cases yesterday.

    And as the country saw 223 COVID-related deaths, the most since March, Milton Keynes has recorded two in the last week.

    One death was recorded for the area yesterday.

    The urge for the government to put restrictions in comes as the health secretary has warned the NHS is facing a "particularly tough" winter, adding there are "shortages" of staff to respond to 999 and 111 calls.

    Mr Javid told MPs there is "huge pressure" on the health service in England as Labour also advised him to "ditch the complacency" and "fix" the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

    Mr Javid insisted a winter plan developed with NHS officials will be unveiled in the next couple of weeks before he defended the jab rollout, amid concerns over a lack of uptake from youngsters.

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