Council's landscaping team begins work to improve Milton Keynes' roundabouts

    The landscaping team will be out from this week working on Milton Keynes' 124 roundabouts, getting them them ready for winter.

    The team will be cutting, cleaning and spraying more than 2 million square metres of roundabout over the course of the work, the equivalent to the size of Monaco.

    Landscaping and cleaning work at the end of the summer season is important to keep roundabouts in a good order over the winter and can help to reduce regrowth. 

    Cllr Lauren Townsend, Cabinet Member for the Public Realm said “We actually maintain more than 10 million square meters of grassland overall and while it’s more common to see our landscaping team working in the spring and summer, we also spend around £800,000 on winter pruning and maintenance. It’s important work to keep our public spaces in good order.” 

    The team will be removing weeds around signs and streetlights, trimming low branches on trees and remove any dead or nearly dead trees  and cleaning the roundabouts, scraping any vegetation off safety signs.

    Where space allows, any trees and shrubs that are cut back will be chipped into small pieces and left on the roundabout to act as natural barrier to reduce weed growth over the winter. 

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