Councillors successfully propose to reduce the impact of fireworks in Milton Keynes

    Last night, Liberal Democrat and Labour councillors voted for plans to help reduce the impact of fireworks on animals and vulnerable people.

    Liberal Democrat Councillor Uroy Clarke proposed the motion: “For a lot of people, organised and responsible firework displays are exciting and fun, but we cannot ignore that for our pets, wildlife and vulnerable residents they can sometimes be distressing.

    “We do not want to ban fireworks, but if we can in any way reduce the stress and suffering some animals and residents go through, I believe we should.”

    The responsible Cabinet Member and Director will now promote an awareness campaign about the impact of fireworks on animals and vulnerable people, consider what steps can be taken to encourage public firework displays to be advertised in advance, and encourage local suppliers to stock ‘quieter’ fireworks.

    The Government will also receive a letter from The Chief Executive urging them to introduce legislation to limit the maximum noise level of fireworks.

    Councillor Clarke concluded: “I’m proud that this Council has committed to take the steps to help protect animals and vulnerable residents.”


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