Councillors 'appalled' by piles of litter left after anti-social gathering in quiet Milton Keynes town

    Local councillors have said they are 'appalled' at the mess left after a gathering took place near the Rec in Olney yesterday (25/6).

    One resident said it was "like Glastonbury down there" with there being hundreds of bottles of alcohol and empty canisters of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) left on the field.

    It has been reported that the use of laughing gas amongst young people has increased during lockdown since it is cheap and accessible - you can buy 24 canisters for as little as £10. It is the second most popular drug after cannabis amongst youths and is legal to buy but illegal to consume. 

    Milton Keynes Council Olney ward members have since spoken out and shared their disgust about the recent turn of events.

    Local Milton Keynes Council ward members, Keith McLean, Peter Geary and David Hosking said: "Olney is a welcoming, warm and inclusive community. However, we will not allow the behaviour of a few to spoil the enjoyment of the residents and many visitors to the town.

    "In order to deal with the recent anti-social behaviour at the Recreation Ground we are working with Thames Valley Police and officers at Milton Keynes Council, seeking a zero tolerance approach to parking and road traffic offences, alcohol being consumed in contravention of a local Alcohol Exclusion Order, drugs misuse, litter, drink driving, and disorderly behaviour."

    They continued: "We are determined to maintain the standards of our town for the benefit of both residents and those great many visitors who appreciate what we have to offer and whose presence we, of course, welcome."

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