Councillor joins hundreds of residents from Milton Keynes in annual trip to the coast

    Bletchley East Labour Councillor Mohammed Khan was among the 300 residents attending the 2022 Community Family Day Trip to Bournemouth this week.

    On Tuesday, five coaches took Bletchley residents to the coast for the 6th time, in a trip organised by the Milton Keynes Bangladeshi Association.

    Councillor Khan, who is the former Mayor of Milton Keynes, said: “It was a great day out for hundreds of residents from Bletchley. The weather was great, and the trip benefited from financial support from both Bletchley Town and parish councils. A big thank you to them.” 

    Cllr Nigel Long from West Bletchley Parish Council added: “West Bletchley Parish Council and Bletchley and Fenny Town Councils together part funded the trip to the coast. We are committed to supporting the residents of Bletchley to come together to undertake community focused activity. I am glad the day out to the coast was a success.

    "It builds on successful events like the West Bletchley Carnival, the Fenny Poppers festival, the Bands on the Green and the Bletchley Big Eat.”

    The trip to Bournemouth brought together people with Bangladeshi, Indian, Somalian and European heritage.

    Chair of the Milton Keynes Bangladeshi Association, Abdul Hai, concluded: “It is really important that through events like the annual trip to the coast we build a strong and inclusive community in Bletchley. The day out was enjoyed by parents and children alike. The seaside is always a great unifier.”

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