Council to invest nearly £100,000 to support young people in Milton Keynes with work and training

    Three new schemes worth almost £100,000 have been launched by Milton Keynes Council to support young people into training and jobs.

    During the pandemic, young people in Milton Keynes were the most affected economically. The Council's Economic Recovery Plan was made in partnership with local businesses to help support young people, so far 3,300 residents and 900 businesses have been helped.

    Now, MK Council has announced a new round of funding:

    • MK Melting Pot 

    Giving 40 young people from deprived communities the chance to enhance their employability and receive the opportunity to gain a meaningful qualification for use within either the hospitality or social care sector.

    • MK College 

    Allowing the college to employ a dedicated person to support children with special educational needs and those currently in and leaving care to find work.

    • Future Wolverton 

    Funding a 12-week work-experience programme targeted at young people with autism or those with long-term mental health conditions. The programme includes day to day activities at the Old School which is now a café and community centre, arts, gardening, and site visits to workplaces.

    Deputy Leader of MK Council, Cllr Robin Bradburn said: “Supporting young people is at the heart of our economic recovery plan for the city. We know young people have suffered a lot and we want to do everything we can to give them the access they need to find good quality employment and equip them with skills for life.

    "We’ve got a really positive relationship with businesses in MK which enables us to deliver really meaningful schemes like this that have a real impact.”

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