Council plans to build new affordable housing on amenity land in Fishermead

    Plans for housing on six amenity land sites peppered across a housing estate have been temporarily withdrawn because a council’s own application did not name all the relevant policies.

    But Milton Keynes Council’s plans for new flats and homes across Fishermead will be put back into the the planning system will be re-instated once the relevant documents have been corrected.

    A council spokesman said: “The Fishermead sites have been withdrawn from planning to allow the designs to fully reflect the changes made in the newly adopted PlanMK regarding surplus amenity land.

    “PlanMK does not specifically identify surplus amenity land sites for housing and refers to two specific policies which identify the circumstances where this land can be used for housing.”

    The council spokesman adds that the six sites identified for new flats and houses have “the support of the local parish council, however the planning applications have been withdrawn to specifically reference these policies.

    “PlanMK has also adopted a higher energy efficiency target and sustainable drainage strategy for its new housing as it addresses our carbon footprint with detail being provided into our planning applications to ensure energy efficient targets are met.

    “Once the above has been incorporated into the planning applications, they will be reinstated.”

    The applications are for:

    > A block of six two bedroom flats and two two-bedroom maisonettes at land off Carrick Road.

    > 12 properties (six three bed, and six four-bed) at a site west of Kellan Drive.

    > Three four-bed properties on land between 53 and 73 Talland Avenue.

    > Two five-bed homes on land between 29 and 43 Talland Avenue.

    > A block of six two-bedroom apartments on land north west of the Sri Lankan Community Centre, off Fishermead Boulevard.

    > and six three bedroom homes on a site north east of Kellan Drive.

    In a background document provided by the council’s agent, David Coles Architects Ltd says that Milton Keynes Council has “identified sites in Milton Keynes to develop and provide new affordable housing, which they believe are
    suitable for development.

    “To enable this to happen Milton Keynes Council will lead on a programme of regeneration, whilst working with others to seek to improve the lives of the residents.”

    They add that people in the local community have been consulted.

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