Council looking in to issues with traffic lights at busy Milton Keynes roundabout

    Officials from Milton Keynes Council are looking into issues with the phasing of traffic lights at the Abbey Hill Roundabout in Milton Keynes, where the A422 meets the A5.

    It comes as motorists faced long delays during the rush hour this evening due to an accident on the roundabout.

    Following recent works carried out on the Abbey Hill Roundabout, the Council say that unforeseen issues with the traffic signal infrastructure have been exposed.

    As a result, officials are working to design a solution that re-activates the traffic signals phasing to work correctly, and that is both cost effective and sustainable.

    Council workers anticipate that it will take a further four weeks to obtain the materials and install, and during this period the junction will continue to operate as a roundabout with approaching traffic giving way to the right. All the signal heads are covered and additional signage is in place.

    Meanwhile, the Council also say they understand that there are concerns with the white lining which has been replaced on this roundabout. They will also be reviewing this at the same time.

    Members of the public have been thanked for their patience.

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