Council calls for residents to give their views on transport in Milton Keynes

    Milton Keynes Council is seeking to understand transport choices of residents as part of ongoing plans for public transport improvements.

    The survey, made by MK Council, only takes a couple of minutes to complete and will help them understand what residents want and need in terms of transport improvement.

    MK Council has said: "As part of the work we are doing to improve transport in MK we are providing information on public transport patterns and delivery on our Insights page on the MKC website. We are also seeking your views to understand how you feel about transport in Milton Keynes at the moment. 

    "We have put out a brief survey which will be live for you to give your views on using public transport in MK. We welcome views from current users, those who want to but struggle to use the system and also car drivers."

    Residents will be receiving leaflets in the mail, about where to find transport information and how to fill in a quick survey to help Milton Keynes Council understand locals priorities on transport.

    Officers are also out on streets of MK to talk to people about the survey and help residents fill in the survey if they don’t have access to a smartphone or computer.

    The survey and more information can be found here.

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