Could Toys 'R' Us reopen in Milton Keynes? Company plans return to UK


    The iconic toy shop has announced it will be returning to the UK with 'physical stores'.

    Toys R Us closed the doors to its huge Milton Keynes store when the company collapsed back in 2018.

    The closures led to 3,000 people across the country losing their jobs.

    It has now been announced that WHP Global, the companies owner, has signed an agreement with Toys R Us Australia which will see online sales begin over the "next several months".

    Initially, the online shop will operate out of Australia.

    UK teams, offices and logistics will then reportedly be set up from 2022 and will include the opening of some UK stores.

    Toys 'R' Us bosses have described the move as a "significant milestone".

    The company is yet to confirm how many stores will open and where in the UK they will be.

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