Costa drive-thru plans for Milton Keynes town withdrawn

    The plans received much local pushback, some concerned with the volume of traffic entering and exiting Osier Way, making it “even more of a nightmare”.

    Burnet Estates has withdrawn plans for the construction of a new Costa drive-thru on land at Osier Way,  Olney.

    However, a decision to withdraw plans was made last week.

    “The placement of this coffee shop is ludicrous,” wrote one person.

    “It is already a busy junction trying to enter or leave Osier Way onto the A509.”

    “I object to the proposed drive-thru because it will greatly increase the amount of traffic near to a busy roundabout. The projected site was originally set aside for office buildings,” wrote Thelma Shacklady.

    “This proposal is for an unnecessary facility that will also contribute to traffic disruption and increase the possibility of accidents on the A509,” wrote David Brown.

    He added: “Such a facility will cause noise and disruption, and possible even an increase in rubbish tipping, within the local area.”

    “Osier Way is a no through road that leads onto a very busy main road,” wrote Jonathan Budd. “Getting onto the road can take a long time already and this will cause even greater traffic issues, not just on Osier Way, but the main road as well which can regularly back up.”

    He added: “There are plenty of coffee shops accessible to residents of Olney, so the need does not seem there for this establishment.”

    Others said many children use the route to walk to school, and that it will encourage more cars parking on pavements.

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