Coronavirus patients are being admitted to hospital daily in Milton Keynes 

    This comes as yesterday's data shows that there were 532 covid-related deaths in the UK, the highest number on record since mid-May. 

    Milton Keynes currently has a rate of 130 positive cases per 100,000 people, whereas the average area in the country has 177.

    Although it seems the city has slightly lower rates, cases are on the rise which in turn means an increase in hospital admissions.

    People are being admitted to Milton Keynes University Hospital for COVID-19 daily.

    As of yesterday morning, 19 covid patients were being treated at the hospital. And there have been five deaths linked to the virus in just over a week.

    Last week, Dr Ian Reckless, Milton Keynes University Hospital's medical director, said during a meeting: “The numbers of positives in the organisation is going up and the proportion of patients going through ward two who turn out to have a positive swab is going up.

    “It feels though we are definitely on the up slope of this second wave.”

    And yesterday, Leader of Milton Keynes Council, Cllr Pete Marland, turned to residents stating "we need to reduce the rate of COVID-19 in Milton Keynes and stop the virus spreading".

    In the council's weekly update, he urged people to follow lockdown rules and coronavirus prevention measures. He put it simply, by telling residents to "stay at home unless you can't". 

    In the past few days, there have been talks of a potential coronavirus vaccine made by Pfizer. Research shows that it is 90% effective, and if approved, the NHS could potentially be using it by Christmas.

    Cllr Marland has addressed the positive news, but reminded residents that it does not mean restrictions can be eased just yet.

    "The next few weeks will determine how quickly we can return to fewer restrictions, so please remember the quickest way to do this is stay home, get the rate down, and take care."

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