Conservatives call on Milton Keynes Council to consider a review into the COVID-19 response

    The leader of Labour-led Milton Keynes Council has responded to the request stating that the council would be 'fine' with a review taking place.

    The Conservative Group is calling on the council to conduct a review into the COVID-19 response to examine both the strengths and possible areas of improvement should there be a second wave of the virus. 

    Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Group, said: "We believe it is vital a review is undertaken into MK Council’s response to the Covid-19 crisis so that we can pull out the strengths and weaknesses in their approach.

    “This is to ensure that as a local authority, we would be better prepared to react to a similar scale crisis or a second outbreak of Covid-19.”

    Cllr Keith McLean, Chair of the Scrutiny Management Committee, added: "Scrutiny is going to play such an important role this year. We need to look at all aspects of the Council’s response to the Covid-19 crisis, how it worked with local partners, how it communicated with the government and how it will affect services going forward.

    “I’m looking forward to meeting with all committee chairs to discuss how we can make this happen.”

    The Leader of Milton Keynes Council, Cllr Pete Marland, has since responded to the request. He told MKFM: “The Labour administration would be fine with a review of the actions the council has taken so far, but it isn’t for me to dictate what the scrutiny system in the council looks at. We’d work with any review that was seeking to be helpful.

    "I’m also sure any review would be able to pick up on national guidance was being communicated to us, and that our local Conservative MPs will no doubt we supporting a similar full public enquiry nationally as to why we have the highest death rate in Europe and second highest in the world.”

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