Concrete square outside Milton Keynes train station to become a 'temporary forest'

    Station Square

    Station Square in Central Milton Keynes is set to be transformed into a temporary forest as part of a public art project funded by MK Council.

    MKC and the Milton Keynes Development Partnership (MKDP) launched a competition in September to find a public art partner to help revitalise Station Square, a gateway to the city centre that sits opposite Central Milton Keynes train station.

    More than 30 applications were received and a panel of representatives from MK Council, MKDP, Central Milton Keynes Town Council, My Milton Keynes and MK Gallery selected a winning proposal from Hayatsu Architects and curator Aldo Rinaldi.

    Hayatsu Architects will be awarded £100,000 to transform Station Square into a temporary forest of more than 50 trees and pavilions, which explore Milton Keynes’ rich design history and greenest city ambitions. The funding is made up of contributions from MKC, MKDP and Section 106 collections.

    Cllr Carole Baume, Cabinet Member for Economy and Culture, said: “Station Square is an iconic MK location, and as it approaches its 40th anniversary, this is very fitting opportunity to celebrate MK’s unique heritage in a major public art project.

    “We were really impressed by Hayatsu’s proposals and we can’t wait to see their plans become reality in 2021.”

    Hayatsu’s project draws on Milton Keynes’ incredible wealth of green space and tree lined boulevards as inspiration, whilst also referencing the renowned grid road and roundabout system.

    A programme of events and pop-ups will be housed in and amongst this temporary forest, offering a magical experience.

    It will be in place for two years from summer 2021.

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