Milton Keynes' iconic herd celebrated with 'Concrete Cow Day'

    Milton Keynes Museum

    On this day in 1978 (3rd September), the famous Concrete Cows were unveiled by artist Liz Leyh.

    Milton Keynes artist-in-residence, Canadian creative Liz Leyh created the iconic Concrete Cows with local school children back in 1978, unveiling them on 3rd September of that year.

    The collection of five cows, which were originally based in parkland at Bancroft, have become an iconic mascot of the city over the years - with one even being kidnapped.

    With the herd being fragile, the original cows were moved from Bancroft to the National Hockey Stadium, before their final stay of Milton Keynes Museum, where they are now known as a popular attraction.

    Replica Concrete Cows can be found at their iconic spot in Bancroft.

    Celebrations have taken place today at the MK Rose, honouring the iconic herd.

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