"Cold Blooded Execution" leads to life sentences

    Boorman, Raheem and Raheem

    Stephen Boorman, James Brabbs and Jibreel Raheem have been sentenced at the Old Bailey

    Three men found guilty of murder following an incident at Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes have been sentenced at the Old Bailey.

    Stephen Boorman, aged 33, of HMP Belmarsh was sentenced to life, with a minimum of term of 35 years, to run concurrently to his current sentence. He will be 69-years-old before he is eligible to apply for parole.

    James Brabbs, aged 32 of HMP Belmarsh was also sentenced to life with a minimum term, when combined with his current sentence, of 39 years and 8 months. 

    Jibreel Raheem, aged 26, of HMP Wakefield was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 20 years’ and nine months. 

    The convictions are in relation to an incident which took place on 5 June 2018, at Woodhill Prison, Milton Keynes.

    At around 3pm, Ukrainian national, 49-year-old Taras Nykolyn, an inmate at the prison, was in the prison exercise yard. He was approached by Boorman, Brabbs and Raheem. Boorman struck the victim, knocking him to the floor, then all three of the men viciously attacked him with self-made weapons.

    The men then refused to leave the prison yard and prevented Mr Nykolyn from being given medical treatment. After around forty minutes, prison officers were able to enter the exercise yard and remove Mr Nykolyn’s attackers.

    Mr Nykolyn was provided with emergency medical treatment from members of South Central Ambulance Service, but sadly he was later pronounced dead on his way to hospital.

    A post-mortem revealed the cause of death to be head and facial injuries.

    During sentencing, Mrs Justice Whipple said the "ferocity and speed of violence was shocking" adding that "This was a planned execution by the defendants in cold blood"

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