Club offering FREE boxing sessions to kids in Milton Keynes receives funding boost

    Keeping Kids Off The Streets is a non-profit community organisation aimed at providing FREE workshops for kids.

    KKOTS creator, Karl Hanif, formed the boxing club in a bid to help teach children discipline through boxing or sport early on.

    Karl also believes that many youngsters take to drugs and street crime simply because they have nothing else to do.

    "Drugs are so connected to gangs, knives and crime. We have 13 year olds being given drugs by 17 year olds and the 17-year-old being given drugs by men in their 20s. We need to stop this cycle and offer these kids an alternative," he said.

    Money for KKOTS largely comes from Karl himself, but the boxing club creator has recently received £500 funding from John Lewis Partnership, funding that will go along way for the club.

    Karl recently said he is 'sickened' by knife crime and gang crime within Milton Keynes and the rest of the UK and believes workshops could be the way forward.

    Karl has made KKOTS completely FREE for all kids between 6 and 18. Karl and his team of volunteers also cook and provide around 700 meals every friday, that they deliver FREE to single mums, struggling familys, hostels and homeless around MK 

    The Free Boxing for kids workshop is available Monday's at Great Linford Primary School at 6pm for ages 6-10, 7pm for ages 10-18 and at Kiln Farm Energie Fitness gym on Fridays 5pm for ages 6-10 and 6pm ages 10-18.

    You can email for more information, or to offer a donation each week if you are able to.

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