Closure Order for Milton Keynes property following drug related anti-social behaviour

    A a partial closure order has been placed on a property in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, local police say.

    Milton Keynes Council have obtained a Closure Order for a property on Cumbria Close, Bletchley.

    In partnership with Thames Valley Police, MK Council have issued the partial closure order following 'drug related anti-social behaviour'

    By issuing a partial closure on the address, no person other than the resident, or those named on the door, are now permitted to enter the building. If someone was to do so, they would be arrested for breaching the order found at the address.

    Police say this will be in place for 3 months in total.

    A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police wrote on social media: "We will continue to work in partnership to keep our communities safe."

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