Cllr Elaine Wales has called for Community Housing Development on Albert Street in Central Bletchley

    Central Bletchley councillor Elaine Wales says the current planning application for Albert Street should be withdrawn.

    The current development proposal states that a set of modern flats will be built in the area. 

    Councillor Wales says the withdrawal of the application would allow more family-focused housing and flats to be built, backing onto Saxon Street and the railway line.

    She added: "Albert Street is a lovely road of Victorian terraced properties. I believe that the new houses should be built along the street, opposite the traditional houses, and any flats built at the rear of the site. I also believe it should be a development of Council housing and low cost homes for sale. A community that local people can afford to live in." 

    As a result of this, Councillor Nigel Long, Cabinet Member for Housing, has requested that the Council's Housing service buy the site or create a partnership arrangement. 

    Cllr Long said: "I welcome Councillor Wales taking this opportunity to push for a community focused development. I have asked the Council's Housing service to look at either buying the site or seeing if a partnership agreement is a runner, given the site is privately owned.

    "I am pleased that the Council is going to look at the opportunity for a community focused approach. We need decent family homes and some flats. But most of all we need housing that meets local housing needs."

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