City MP Praises MK Based Adoptionplus

    Adoptionplus based in Moulsoe, Milton Keynes, has been praised by City MP Mark Lancaster for its hard work and passion in finding children, from difficult backgrounds, families and giving them hope for the future.

    The adoption agency finds families for children who have experienced abuse, and provides them with access to long term therapy and support.

    In addition to finding and supporting adoptive families, the agency also provides counselling to birth parents who have lost children to adoption, recognising the emotional impact on everyone involved in these situations.

    After visiting the agency’s Headquarters, Milton Keynes North MP Mark Lancaster said: “It was a real pleasure to visit Adoptionplus. They have a real passion for helping children who often have very complex and upsetting backgrounds find a family and give them hope for the future. I was also pleased to see their dedication to supporting parents who may have lost a child to adoption and their investment into research.” 

    Joanne Alper, Director of Services added: “It was a pleasure to have Mark along today. When people think of adoption they often think about adopting a baby, however there are many older children who have had a really difficult start in life who need an adoptive family to be there for them. Adoptionplus are really keen to hear from anyone who would like to find out more about adoption.”

    The agency is keen to improve practice nationally and share learning, so that services to individuals and families around the UK can also benefit. They are involved with research, provide training and conferences and have had a number of books published in this field. Alongside this they have been successful in obtaining central government innovation grants aimed at further developing and introducing new services for children and families.

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