City MEP calls for new EU accessibility law

    Keith Taylor, Green MEP for our region, today joined activists to promote a strong and effective European Accessibility Act.

    Millions of people in Europe are still excluded from using basic products and services that other people take for granted. Withdrawing money from a cash machine; entering a bank or any public building; using public transport; issuing a ticket; using a computer; calling a friend; watching TV; staying in a hotel; using a washing machine, are impossible for many people due to lack of accessibility.

    The European Parliament is currently discussing the European Commission’s proposal for the European Accessibility Act; a law that could make several products and services in the European Union accessible for all citizens including 80 million persons with disabilities and 190 million people aged 50 and older. Campaigners are calling on MEPs to ensure the law is bold and ambitious.

    Speaking outside the European Parliament, Mr Taylor, a shadow rapporteur for the Transport Committee's opinion on the Accessibility Act proposal and a committed accessibility activist, said:

    "I am looking forward to working with my fellow MEPs to make sure we deliver an Accessibility Act that is just, that is fair, that is equal, that represents the interests of all European citizens and promotes their rights effectively - including the 80 million people with disabilities and 190 million citizens aged 50 and older."

    "As MEPs, it is our duty to demonstrate that the European Parliament is best placed to advance positive change and we must work to improve the lives of all EU citizens. A bold and ambitious Accessibility Act can help make the EU a world leader in accessibility and innovation by stimulating the internal market in accessible products and services."

    "This is a real opportunity for the European Parliament to show that it remains a strong voice defending the rights and interests of its citizens. I wholeheartedly support the European Disability Forum's call for MEPs to ensure the European Accessibility Act lives up to its name and leads to a more accessible and more forward-looking Europe."

    Keith is set to meet members of the European Disability Forum on Monday afternoon (18:00 UK, 6 March) to discuss his work on the Transport Committee's opinion on the Accessibility Act.

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