Where is the cheapest petrol station in Milton Keynes?

    Total at Tongwell.

    MKFM has been researching fuel prices across Milton Keynes this morning, 29th August.

    In June 2022, average UK petrol and diesel prices were hitting daily records with prices soaring to around 191p per litre of petrol and 199p per litre of diesel.

    Despite hitting record highs this year, pump prices are now starting to fall, but still not quite enough, the motoring group is still reporting a wide gap between pump prices and retail prices.

    Earlier this month, in a report produced by the RAC and it's Fuel Watch, the big four supermarket's average petrol price was at around £1.74 per litre whilst Diesel was £1.86. At the time these prices were reported, the average price for the delivered wholesale petrol price was £1.24 and diesel was £1.38.

    Analysts at the RAC suggesting fuel prices currently should be around £1.62.

    Currently, the motoring group's Fuel Watch suggests the average price of unleaded petrol is 170.40 and 182.70 for diesel. 

    The AA has recently suggested that the cost of filling up a car should be dropping by £10 in the next fortnight.

    What leads to fuel prices being so high?

    Wholesale fuel prices govern the price that motorists pay for petrol and diesel at the pumps. These prices are affected by the global price of crude oil, supply and demand, production and capacity, distribution costs, fuel duty and VAT.

    One of the main current issues is the price of crude oil.

    Where are the cheapest places in Milton Keynes to get fuel?

    As of this morning, the price of fuel at Total, Tongwell, was 169.9 for petrol and 181.9 for diesel.

    According to the latest updated prices on PetrolPrices.com, these are the cheapest fuel stations for petrol in and around MK.

    Asda, Bletchley on 26/8 price: 169.7p

    Shell, Monks Way on 28/8 price: 169.9p

    Total, Tongwell on 29/8 price: 169.9p

    Tesco, Wolverton, Kingston and Bletchley on 26,27 and 28/8 price: 169.9p

    Coming in as the most expensive in Milton Keynes is Texaco on Portway with a price of 176.9p today (29/8).

    Where's the cheapest price of fuel you've spotted in and around MK? Email us at info@mkfm.com.

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