Can you find the hidden letters on Milton Keynes's redways?

    Milton Keynes Council has put on a special kind of Easter hunt this year for everyone to take part in.

    Milton Keynes Council has hidden nine different letters on the brown Redway lampposts around Furzton Lake.

    You need to collect all nine letters and unscramble them to spell out a word to be able to enter the competition.

    There’s no start or endpoint, the letters are mixed up and stuck on the brown lampposts dotted along the redway route around Furzton Lake.

    The stickers will be up between Monday 29 March and Monday 19 April.

    There are 4 cuddly Easter bunnies to be won kindly donated by the Council's highways service provider, Ringway.

    Winners will be picked at random by Ringway from all the correct entries received by the closing date, which is 5 pm Tuesday 20th April.

    The Council has asked that you ensure that you follow the current UK government guidance when taking part in the treasure hunt.

    Entries for the competition should be sent to with your name and contact number/email address.

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